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SCHEELEN USA is a well established consulting company, focusing on Organizational Design, Change Management and Leadership as well as developing successful Sales people. Based on our world-class diagnostic tools like Insights MDI, ASSESS by Scheelen and Stress-prevention RELIEF by Scheelen we develop and implement tailor made programs for our clients worldwide.
What is our approach? We measure the status quo, we analyze your needs and we build a unique program based on your needs to help your company to perform at its best.

Our task is to develop existing potential and foster (or help grow) relevant competencies of your personnel. This could be targeted at individuals, at teams or the whole organization.

Our company consists of four pillars:

Management Development Consulting


Management Development Training



Management Development Impulse



Management Development Publishing 

We think change is important and we help and consult our clients to initiate change efforts and accompany them on their way to success. We support our clients to develop your company, your management and your employees to manage the change successfully. Implementing change often requires a dedicated set of training- or coaching sessions. We identify the specific needs and design a relevant training program. We focus always on existing potential, helping the individual to grow and to enlarge the existing radius of operation. Whether it needs an energizing lecture or any other event – we set the necessary signals to initiate the change and mobilize the required resources in your company.
Knowledge creates success. With our books, CDs, videos and e-learning, we support the transfer of knowledge into practice.

We are your Business Partner for people development and business growth. Our main focus is twofold:

  1. to help European/German companies to grow their international business
  2. to help American companies to succeed in the German/European market